VIGATEC installed self-service customer service kiosks

Customers: Ministry of Social Development

Solution: Self-service kiosks

Since 2013, Vigatec has installed self-care modules in offices of the Ministry of Social Development and municipalities throughout the country. Implementing this system has an 86% approval by the citizens, as they considerably decreased the procedures’ management time.

The technology offered by Vigatec, aims to contribute to the institutions’ operational efficiency for the services it delivers. In this case, through self-care solutions to deliver an average of 116 thousand monthly documents, required for state procedures.

The Scenario

Applicants to various state subsidies, for example, housing, elderly bonus, bonus per child, permanent social contribution, family allowance, pregnancy, among others, require a Social Protection or a Social Household Registry to obtain some of these benefits. The applicant, in many cases pregnant women or children, had to attend the Ministry of Social Development offices at the regional level or municipal offices and carry out this procedure, having to wait for several hours.

The Vigatec Proposal

The Ministry of Social Development required a technological solution to eliminate waiting times for this process. To achieve this, Vigatec proposed the installation of self-service kiosks with One Touch technology, which consists of digital fingerprint and identity card recognition. With this formula, the operation is performed safely and the applicant can acquire the document more expeditiously

This tool has an approval of 86% by citizens, who process an average of 116 thousand cards per month, nationwide. The project began with 70 pieces of equipment in 2013 and over time, the ministry acquired more, reaching the 215 that are currently installed.

The kiosk has software designed by Vigatec especially for this equipment, and it stores all of the Institution’s basic information. In this way, they guarantee updated data as the user provides new information through their procedures.

This self-service module is very useful, as it can issue many different types of certificates and doesn’t require much interaction or computer skills. It’s a touch device and only requires an identity card and fingerprint.

The challenge

Like all projects, Vigatec has had to overcome several challenges so that the solution’s implementation works as expected by the client, in this case, some attention points didn’t have the internet quality required for optimal function.

To solve it, Vigatec, along with the Ministry of Social Development, moved based on the established plan and concluded that the best option was to install the modules in sites that would have the required connection speed and which were also convenient for the public. Thus, from a social point of view, the benefit is still being delivered, even though it meant a significant change in the initial plan for Vigatec.

Currently, the kiosks represent an operational resource and agility optimization example. With this implementation, the Ministry of Social Development has reduced the users’ waiting times and has improved its employees’ productive capacity.

Assistance control systems

Customer: National Customs Service

Solution: Assistance Control Equipment

Vigatec accompanied the National Customs Service to modernize the officials’ attendance control-related operations. This is essential for institutions that have hundreds of collaborators and who must respond to trade union organizations’ requirements.

In Vigatec we offer integral solutions for several operations, in this opportunity, the installation of 106 last generation attendance control equipments, such as clocks and biometric readers with fingerprint recognition from Arica to Punta Arenas, as well as on several border points throughout the country, were the solution to the client’s request.

The Scenario

The National Customs Service, like any other public agency, has service commission and productivity bonuses among its personnel management modalities, and others, so controlling the access and end of the workday schedules is essential for the correct fulfillment of collaborator payments. This institution has union organizations that ensure the full and timely compensation of workers, and they also control the commitments made by the state for collective bargaining.

The Vigatec Proposal

Vigatec offered the installation of SYNERGY control equipments with fingerprint detection and Mifare proximity reader in the SNA offices at a national level. The incorporated Software is, these devices monitor compliance with the schedules established for each officer in a centralized way to correctly stipulate their salaries’ processing and performance measurements.

The assistance control equipment is operated with a 500 VA energy backup UPS, which allows them to continue operating for longer periods in case of an electric power interruption or variability, to ensure that the function for which they were installed is carried out properly.


The customs project was carried out in 2 stages, the first one contemplated the implementation of the IT platform that would support the 59 clocks with HP servers project and an Oracle database engine, with its respective configurations in the Valparaíso Customs Site.

Once the platform was put into operation, the installation of all the Network and Electric points for each of the equipment was began, as well as the clocks’ assembly and settlement of all the officials’ cards, from Arica to Punta Arenas, within a work agenda designed with the client.

The second stage of the clocks’ installation (47 units) was carried out at the border crossings, for which the same process and established IT platform were considered.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges faced by the Vigatec team to carry out this installation process was related to the maintenance of the heritage buildings’ structures. This requirement was fulfilled thanks to rigorous planning and care when executing the solution.


Also, the human team had to deal with extreme weather conditions, in addition to a high altitude in some locations, which exceeded 4,000 meters, especially in the Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta areas. In terms of logistics, all-terrain vehicles had to be used to face highly complex roads, land, snow, water and others, and reaching some of the localities took many driving hours.

Our vision of Digital Transformation as VIGATEC

transformacion digital - marcelo fermandez - vigatec - blog

Every company is experiencing the Digital Transformation, regardless of their area of service, which means an important advance in how things are done, not only at industrial level but in everyday life, as a society and as an improvement in the quality of the user’s experience.

Each company has different objectives to pursue when carrying out the digital transformation, according to Gartner analysis firm in its report “It Market Clocks for 2016: Digital Transformation Demands Rapid IT Modernization” 66% of companies that apply the Digital Transformation expect to generate more revenue from their operations, 48% expect that more businesses will arrive through their digital channels. According to the study, other reasons for its implementation are: 40% are committed to empowering employees with digital tools, and 39% aim to reduce costs.

Many IT experts agree that adaptation is necessary, regardless of the objectives, as Gartner argues, companies that don’t undergo a Digital Transformation, will see their progress affected. In addition, consideration must be given to the fact that learning and adapting run at a much slower pace with respect to the evolution of new technologies.

At Vigatec we face several challenges: to know who the users of the future are going to be in detail, what the buyers’ behavior will be like, how they want to be served, all in order to be able to develop solutions that meet their expectations. It has to do with facing changes in people’s mentality, our age generation, and on how to adopt this speed since the speed of the transformation is a challenge per se.

Another no-lesser challenge, is the correct incursion of start-ups, which, with very little working capital, can overcome other businesses only by using digital platforms and having the advantage that they are managed by young people, who know what their generation wants, who move at a faster rate than traditional companies, and can manage to capitalize this synergy in a better way. All this is a very interesting challenge and in Vigatec we have transformed it into an opportunity, we understand that the Digital Transformation has nothing to do with capital, nor investment, but rather it’s a matter of adoption, of understanding what you want to do and how solutions are designed to meet expectations, using an innovation that incorporates the most up-to-date technologies, and giving value to information by basing ourselves on what customers need.

Finally, Digital Transformation starts from within the companies themselves, this is one of the biggest challenges, since we must analyze how much we’ve adopted the digital culture, how we’ve reinvented the work processes, and how we’ve incentivized technological creativity.

Marcelo Fernández (PICTURE)

CEO Vigatec

VIGATEC Electronic safety and assistance

Seguridad electrónica y asistencia VIGATEC

Electronic security and assistance solutions for companies

Technology has ceased to be a luxury and has become a fundamental element in the personal and business sphere. In such an active and globalized world, companies must be fast and efficient with all their resources, the use of technological tools solves problems and eliminates organizational barriers through innovative systems that adapt to each person’s needs.

In this case, the use of technology to comply with regulation 1140/27, which governs the attendance control of employees in Chile, and in which digital modernization requirements have been established to guarantee a precise marking of working hours. Thanks to the electronic security and assistance systems, the information that previously took days or weeks to collect, is now acquirable in real time, facilitating the work of the Human Resources area.

At Vigatec, we advise companies based on their business’s characteristics, our offer stands out because we have solutions that meet the aforementioned law’s requirements, and include both the equipment and software that allows for reports to be sent to each employee through an email, and to the staff administration. In addition, these electronic systems and assistance, are robust equipment of great durability, in fact, many of the renovations we work on, have to do more with aesthetics, since some equipment has worked correctly even after more than 10 years of use.

Regarding the innovation of biometric recognition systems, I highlight the fact that the teams can capture the finest details with 50 comparative fingerprint points, allowing for a very high recognition. This surpasses the Bioscript technology, which took a picture of the trace and in case of any injury, couldn’t recognize it. Also, it should be noted that 1% of the population has fingerprint problems, and for these cases, we recommend the use of the keyboard incorporated in the equipment.

These electronic security and assistance solutions are exposed in the Vigatec Experience Center, visitors can interact with the software and equipment, so they can check its functionality personally.

Gloria López H. (PICTURE)

Account Manager Electronic Safety and Assistance in Vigatec

VIGATEC offers its products and services to the State

The integral solutions company has been working as a state supplier more than 10 years through ChileCompra, a platform through which it participates in public calls. On the other hand, it has four Framework Agreements with the state, and thanks to this system, the company can offer its products and services without resorting to bids, thus carrying out purchases in an expedited way.

The system called ChileCompra, is responsible for managing the country’s public procurement platform. Vigatec has been offering products and services for more than 10 years through this modality, which has become a strategic way to position the integral solutions it manufacture and the brands it represents in the country.

Hugo Méndez, SBU sales assistant manager for Vigatec comments on the importance of participating in public purchases, “apart from large companies, the state our generally big buyer, therefore, being present in this purchasing system has generated great business opportunities.” In addition, he explains that they are currently part of four Framework Agreements, which recognize the company as a supplier for a certain product and allows them to receive purchase orders without having to go through a bidding process.

Méndez details the products and services with which Vigatec has Framework Agreements “We rent and supply printers, we offer digital educational resources, hardware, software licenses, as well as stationery and, finally, Datacenter services and associated services such as FAAS software”, he also adds that they plan to increase their offer of new products, prices, offers and catalogs.

Consolidating itself as a State supplier, shows the solidity and quality with which Vigatec works with its clients.

An integral solution for complying with the “SACK LAW”

The Sack Law will come into force and seeks to regulate the maximum amount of weight one person can lift. To comply with the legislation, companies are advised to opt for mechanical solutions, to maintain their operations’ continuity.

Santiago. – As of September 17th, 2017, the Sack Law began to govern. With it, the maximum amount of weight that a person can handle in loading and unloading operations was regulated. For men, they will be able to work with a maximum of 25 kilos and women and people 18, 20 kilos.

While the regulation aims to achieve a considerable reduction in ergonomic diseases in workers, companies are faced with searching for solutions to maintain their operations’ continuity, while ensuring their workers’ safety and in turn, complying with the law to avoid fines.

Among the machinery and equipment options offered in the market, the Chilean company Vigatec has been representing the Swedish brand TAWI for more than 15 years, which offers equipment for lifting and displacing cargo through a vacuum. It¡s a solution composed of a suction head (which depends on the type of product to be lifted), a lifting tube, an arm and a vacuum pump. This equipment can be mounted on a pillar, on a wall or on a rail system (track system). Additionally, Vigatec offers the Protema electrical equipment, which is designed mainly for loading and moving rolls, coils and drums. In both cases, the effort that the operator needs to make is minimal, since he only needs to guide the equipment from one place to another.

Álvaro Borroni, Vigatec Deputy Commercial Manager says “before the implementation of the Sack Law, we offer a comprehensive solution to increase productivity, efficiency and workers’ safety. This equipment can be used in any company in which loads/products have to be moved, therefore, it’s a transversal solution that applies to any industry and market”.

To guarantee quality standards when delivery services, the company offers the customer not only the sale and installation of the product, but also, a maintenance plan, advice and training the operators, at a national level.

VIGATEC has an ISO 9001-2015 certification

With effort, commitment and teamwork, Vigatec obtained the Quality Management System (ISO) 9001-2015 certification. This standard certifies that the company complies with quality management systems, operational processes and customer satisfaction.

The certified areas are: Vigatec Industrial, POS Laboratory and Processes, Human Resources support areas, National Purchases, COMEX and Logistics. The process to obtain this important certificate was carried out for one year, in which the collaborators participated actively, showing an excellent approach and understanding of their continuous improvement.

This certification will contribute to the company’s agile and efficient processes, which allows them to deliver a quality service to their customers.

POS technology and trade service

Vigatec in Special Editions of El Mercurio

On Thursday, November 23rd, 2017, the following article was published: Vigatec, POS equipment supplier for mobile transactions in Chile.

Daniel Testa, payment method manager explains that the company is the largest mobile transaction solutions provider, with products such as Transbank, Multicaja and cell phone recharge. It also provides self-service equipment (information, financial cards issuance, barometric and payment verification in governments and municipalities), in addition to being the foremost smart cards provider in the financial field, as well as for Mpos equipment, among others.

To read the whole article, download it here.

Vertical storage technology solutions

Managing the space, the operators and products’ safety, represent key characteristics that the companies must control for logistics. Given this, there are technological and international quality options for all kinds of industry.

Santiago, December 2017.- Automated vertical storage is a reality in Chilean companies’ wineries, in the best Asian and European robotic systems style. In our country, one can already find technological solutions that give greater security to the products and operators, and save space.

As a logistic tool, the Chilean company Vigatec, Modula’s exclusive representative, offers a vertical and modular storage system that compacts all the square meters that are usually occupied in the warehouses and transforms them into a cube, thus saving up to 90% of space.

Álvaro Borroni, Vigatec Deputy Commercial Manager states that “Modula represents a means through which warehouse operators can work more safely, since the concept changes, but neither the operator nor the product do, on the contrary, the product goes to the solicitor”. He adds that, “it’s a transversal and innovative product that generates added value to the operations by freeing up spaces and provides a logistics solution for all types of companies.”

This solution can be between 3.3 and 14.1 meters high, its inner section is made by trays, whose amount depends on the configuration of the products to be stored. These trays can hold up to 990 kilos each. The equipment consists of a central elevator, a column of trays behind and in front, a tactile operation console that has a powerful WMS software that allows one to manage the stored merchandise and which can communicate with any ERP with which the company works.

In addition, the Modula system has accessories such as a laser pointer, which indicates the product’s exact position inside the tray, and an alphanumeric led bar that presents the product information, as well as its position, description and code.

Automation to facilitate attention in companies

On Tuesday, December 21st, 2017 the following article was published: Automated solutions to facilitate customer service in retail, institutions and companies”.

Rubén Muñoz, Manager of Own and Vimatic Solutions for Vigatec emphasizes that “the self-service solutions are made with highly reliable technology, allowing to operate them with very low failure rates and with results in extremely high availability times”.

To read the whole article, download it here.